The warm secret of winter nights: The legacy of grandmothers, Salep

In our culture, grandmothers are not only at the center of the family but also of age-old traditional remedies. For centuries, as this wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, one particular beverage stands out: Salep.

This traditional Anatolian drink is recognized as a natural remedy that Turkish grandmothers turn to during the winter months. So, what are the health effects of Salep, and why have our grandmothers been choosing this beverage for centuries?

Brewing tradition: Salep’s origins and preparation

Salep is prepared by grinding the tubers of orchids belonging to the Orchidaceae family, especially consumed hot during cold winter days. This powder, rich in nutritional values and natural properties, has held a significant place in Turkish folk medicine for centuries. Salep is known for its digestive system support, being considered a natural energy source, and strengthening the immune system.

Grandmothers’ wisdom in a cup: Salep as a health tonic

Our grandmothers view Salep not only as a beverage but also as a health tonic. It has been used as a natural support against mild health problems such as common colds and coughs, frequently encountered in winter. Consuming Salep hot provides internal warmth, relaxation, and soothes the throat. Additionally, its natural sugars and carbohydrates contribute to increasing energy levels, providing an effective solution against the fatigue of winter months.